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Slider M50 - 2DR


Slider M50 - 2DR


Bortoluzzi Slider M50

The Slider M50 is a versatile sliding mechanism for cabinet
and wardrobe doors. The M50 system can support medium to 
large-sized doors up to 50Kg in weight. The M50 is designed for
wardrobe doors. 

Applied to the top panel of the structure, these sliders can be used to
create single or two-door cabinets and wardrobes, the major benefit of the 
system being the smooth and silent movement of the door. Each door is
equipped with a decelerating system that softens both the opening and
closing phase. 

The mechanism also features a new front cover, which can be customised
to meet the client's perferences. Tha standard M50 can be adapted to fit structures up to 200 mm wider than the mechanism.

Double Door Coplaner Sliding System

Maximum Supporting Weight: 50Kg

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