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Coming Soon - SALICE AIR Hinges for Aluminium & Wooden Frames


Small size, but excellent performance. Compactness in design, but with high technological content.

The concealed hinge Air is a perfect combination of efficiency and elegance, a wonderful blend of technology and aesthetics that make this hinge revolutionary and able to integrate perfectly with any applications.

Like traditional hinges, Air is fully adjustable in three directions and also incorporates an integrated soft close mechanism for decelerated closing.

Air is suitable for numerous applications: kitchens, bathrooms, living- and bedroom furniture or display cabinets. It can be used both with wooden doors and with for aluminium-framed doors.
Compact, stylish and elegant, Air marks a new era in the development of opening systems.

Salice Air for Aluminium Doors

Salice Air Brochure

Salice Air Brochure

Salice Air Manual

Salice Air Manual

Introducing Folder from Bortoluzzi Sistemi

An evolution of the Slider M, Folder is a coplanar sliding system combined with a folding
door mechanism. This solution meets the latest requirements of the market the system is ideal for today's domestic environment, which are more and more functional in terms of space.

On the other hand it offers aesthetic solutions that are attractive thanks to their functionality and simplicity. The central doors are folded back onto the side doors, exposing two out of the four storage compartments. Designed in this way, one of the two packages can therefore slide until it overlaps the second package, in resting position, making a third storage compartment accessible. Thanks to this exclusive feature, the Folder system is ideal for use in kitchens.

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McNamara Glass & Fittings - Bortoluzzi Folder

Coplanar Wall-Mounted Cabinet Opening System from Bortoluzzi Sistemi

Slider S20 from Bortoluzzi Sistemi

A perfect application of technology, Slider S20 is one of the
most innovative developments of Bortoluzzi Sistemi’s standard
production, typifying the unique nature and individuality
of every product manufactured by this company. In short, it is
a coplanar sliding system designed to be installed on cupboards,
sideboards and wall cabinets. This extreme versatility is ensured
by an opening mechanism that can be installed on
the top or underneath the cabinet and it is suitable for a wide
variety of different configurations and sizes, with either full overlay
or inset doors.


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